SEO is a shorthand for Search Engine Optimization and is an option that an Surrey SEO company would offer to all of its clients. The principal goal to use SEO is to improve site traffic, increase the amount of inquiries to a site , and increase the site’s page rank. There are rumors that circulate in the internet that SEO , also known as old school SEO is dying and is soon going to be ineffective. But, after you’ve read, you’ll agree that this may not be the reality.

While Web design surrey is a subject that lots of people are aware of on an extent, many are uncertain about the exact method by which SEO began to be developed. In response , we have compiled a short overview of the background of SEO along with how it’s developed through the decades.

In 1996, a Google-like search engine named Alta Vista was the major search engine on the web. Yahoo was a tiny selected list of websites and Google was still not created. SEO was still not ready to reach the scene and was developing behind the scenes of the internet. SEO companies in Surrey were waiting the launch of SEO services.
In the course of time, search engines grew older and competition increased, resulting in search engines being required to include more variables to determine the way each site is ranked for every search term. Pagerank, popularity of links and trustrank came into existence.

As websites began to evolve and expand, as did the crawling and indexing problems they initially created. Examples include canonicalization, issues with navigation duplicate content issues, and redirects. SEO thus merged into marketing, which meant that the old school SEO’s needed how to become marketers. In the past, ‘true popularity’ was a consideration with regards to links, as well as the system of metric was eliminated. Examples of older SEO techniques include title tags and meta description tags. meta keywords as well as bookmark link requests. the internal link strategies.

The current SEO methods continue to evolve each day, with features like social media marketing as well as content freshness local one box results, and no index usage constantly being updated and developed. The traditional SEO is not dead as many believe. It’s actually been growing and evolving into what we call the modern day SEO.

A lot of marketing agencies provide SEO services, however those who are full-service agencies typically have the most current SEO-related knowledge. SEO Surrey agencies concentrate on developing your site in order to be on the first search results webpage of Google and attain a high web page rank.


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