Part 2 of our How To Play Poker For Beginners online lesson series will continue from the first, where we covered the basics of the game. It is now time to go into detail and understand each aspect of a hand. Start playing.

The Blinds

Part 1 explained that “Blind” players must place bets before the cards are dealt. For a more detailed explanation of blind bets, both small and large blinds, refer to the first part of this guide.

The action begins when the Small and Big Blinds (SB) and BB place blind bets. It’s now time to deal with cards!

Each player is dealt two cards face-down, clockwise. These cards are also known as Pocket Cards or hole card.

The betting starts. Isn’t that what motivated you to start playing poker? This is why you’re now seated at a free online tournament table. Aren’t you a fan of winning and betting?

It is true, poker is all about winning! The social side of poker is not affected, but the lobby and table conversations are. However, if you’re serious about winning money, this is an exception.

Each player, who holds 2 agen joker123 pocket cards, is placing a bet on the outcome of their hand.

The player immediately left of the Big Blind (BB) starts the betting.

This position is sometimes called the “Under The Gun” (UTG) at the table. Because the players in the Small and Big Blind positions were required to place bets before they received any cards, this is why it is called the ‘Under The Gun’ (UTG) position at the table.

Both the SB and the BB are participating in the hand. However, they won’t be doing so voluntarily yet. They will have to wait until the betting is over.

Each player can choose from three options during this round of betting:

1) To fold. This is done if you feel you have “rags” cards or rubbish cards. As long as you don’t have any chips, you won’t lose anything. However, you will be unable to play the rest of your hand.

2) To raise. If you believe you have good cards, you can raise.

3) To call (match) the Big Blind. When you believe that your pocket cards have potential, it is usually when you are right.

You might also have heard of checking. This option is often offered in subsequent betting rounds.

If a player wishes to fold, they will lose their blind chips. This is a good option if they don’t have the cash. This player can also call the Big Blind by simply putting up the difference in the Small Blind and Big Blind.

You can also choose to call the Raise, make a new Raising or raise the bet amount to a higher level. This is a great way to learn the process. As SB, I recommend that you keep it simple and call the BB unless your cards are terrible. In which case you should fold them.

The BB (Big Blind) is next. If there is no raise, the BB can either Check (do nothing) or Call, Raise and Re-raise.

About Raises

This tournament is No Limit Texas Hold Em. The amount that a player can raise is limited only by how many chips they have. A player who has a chip stack of 1500 can raise up to 1500.

If he chooses to place a 1,500-chip bet, it will be called an All In bet. It is known as Moving All-in when a player raises all of their chips.

It is important, especially at the beginning level, to limit your use of All-In bets.

Do not be yet another free online poker “chip-flinger” (someone who throws chips around with no regard for the quality of their cards).

After the first round of betting is over, it’s time for ‘The Flop. Now things will get very interesting!

The Dealer will deal the Flop set of three cards face-up in the middle of the table.

1) Every player can use these community card’s to build their hand.

You have, for example, pockets of 10, and Jack Diamonds (suit).
The flop shows Queen King, Ace Diamonds…well you have won, so stay calm (poker face) and keep your cool. To win maximum chips, you will want to move all in at the final table.
Ok, this is a extreme example. However, it is still the principle. Learn more about the different card combinations and which hand is better.

2) As mentioned above, the middle table at which these cards are dealt is commonly called ‘The Board’.

3) Now that ‘The Flop has been exposed, it is time to play another round of betting. The betting will be based on the 5 cards each player has at their disposal, i.e. 2 Pocket cards and 3 Board cards.

The dealer button is not active, so the betting begins with the player immediately left of the Dealer Button.

For the remainder of the hand, the player to the left from the Dealer Button will retain the initial betting action. This is the worst place to be at the table.

The betting process is identical to that used in ‘preflop’ betting. Keep in mind that all players dealt ‘Pocket cards may not currently be playing the hand, as they could have folded during round one of betting.

The Dealer Button (DB) is visible to the left of any remaining players. This means that the player who remains is the first to act throughout the hand, provided he does not fold.

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