Minecraft is a very popular game, which is enjoyed by many people around the globe on multiple Minecraft servers. Here are some tips to help you make your Minecraft server stand out.

Create a unique theme

When it comes to creating the perfect server, choosing a theme is crucial. You should do some research on which themes are most popular with players around the world. You can also add more themes to your server. Because of the flexibility in gameplay, it is possible to create worlds that are separated by themes. This will increase your chances at landing more players on your Minecraft Server Certifications.

A server can be rented

Although a server is likely to cost you a lot, it will be essential if your goal is to host an amazing Minecraft server. A good server will be able to support you and your friends. However, if you wish to host a large community of hundreds of people, a server must be able to work 24×7. Although they can be costly, you will get a great interface to setup and support any problems that may arise. After your server has achieved a certain level, it is a smart idea to purchase your own domain.

Create a unique spawning area

Your spawn area is the first thing players see when they log in to your server. A spawn area that is attractive and creative will help players explore your server. You can place the server rules in signs around the spawn area, or you can install a plugin to ensure that users understand the rules before they play in the server.

Installing your plugins

After you have decided on the type of server you want to create, you will need to install plugins. To make the server safe and easy for players, there are some basic plugins that every server should have. This makes Minecraft server hosting easier.

PermissionsEx: This allows you to grant permissions to players. You can create member and guest groups that allow players to access the server. An admin group can be created for those who will be responsible. Depending on your needs, you can also create other groups.

Essentials are the most basic requirements for any server. Essentials Spawn is highly recommended to set up your server, and to assign respawn areas. Another reliable option is Essentials Chat, which allows text formatting.

WorldEdit: It takes some time to get used to but it is very useful with its ability to delete and add structures and spaces quickly. You can even copy and paste.


Once you have completed the above steps, you can start advertising your server on Minecraft forums. The official Minecraft forum is your first priority. Next, you should advertise in other forums. You can give forum users something to see by creating attractive banners and installing a reader. Listeners reward users who vote for your server with in-game cash and other items.


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